Adult and Family Life


Young Adult Christian Ministry (Y.A.C.M.)

Y.A.C.M. serves to encourage and motivate Young Adults from ages 18 to 40 to maintain committed lives to Christ and practice Christian Principles.  We strive to provide an atmosphere in which Young Adults can develop and demonstrate their skills, talents and abilities to the furthering of Christian Education.

Marriage Enrichment

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry exists to provide a Christian framework for couples who are committed to building, enriching, and maintaining a Strong "One Flesh" Team.
Financial Focus Group
The Financial Focus Group seeks to equip the body of Christ to follow God’s financial principles, to become better stewards of the financial resources in their possession, and to use those resources to bring glory to God.

Class Leaders

Class Leaders help the pastor, pastor the congregation by advising, counseling, correcting, encouraging, and watching over the souls of class members in love.

Health Ministry 

The Health Ministry's mission is to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our congregation and community; transforming their lives in preparation for the Heavenly Kingdom as we give total glory to God.