Mighty Men of Marvin (MMM)

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To encourage a personal relationship with Jesus and equip men to be spiritual leaders for their families, church, work and community.

 Many men feel a total disconnect when it comes to church. If given a choice, spending time at church falls a distant second to spending time with friends, family, or doing just about anything else. Why is this? Well, simply put, men just don’t feel connected.

MMM men’s ministry group has the potential to change that. This ministry bond men by giving them a forum in which to share and a reason for getting together.  

Like a fire of burning coals, the combined energy of men gathered together draws men toward the flame and keeps them active and encouraged by the other members involved.
This ministry offer three things:
• Christ centered resources for spiritual growth
• Ample occasions for fun and recreation
Men 2
• Opportunity for members to use their God-given talents and time to make a powerful impact       in their home, church, and community
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The Men’s Booster Ministry promotes, develops and enhances the principles of Christian manhood by precept and examples through worship, discipleship, stewardship, fellowship, scholarship and sportsmanship”.  “Producing Godly Men: One Soul At A Time”  the Men’s Booster participates in activities such as: Men’s Monday night bible study, Men’s Church School, feeding the homeless, collecting clothes for the homeless, and mentoring. We sponsor fun fellowship activities such as: fathers and children fishing trips, sports outings, amusement park events, and youth lock in’s.

Men's Monthly Meetings:

Men's Church School           Sundays   @ 10:00am
Men's Bible Study               Mondays   @   7:00pm
Men's Shelter Feeding  4th Thursdays @   4:45pm